Get ready for a kitten's first days at home!

The arrival of a new animal is always a great event for the whole family. Do you want to know what you have to do when a little kitten comes home? Keep reading!


           How to make your kitten feel safe from the first night?

The first thing you will have to do is take your little cat to the vet for a check-up, check that your kitten is totally healthy, start the vaccination schedule, and recommend the type of feeding it needs depending on how small it is.
In this post, we give you some tips to feed your kitten according to its stage. Once at home, without a doubt, both you and your puppy cat, you face a totally new experience for both of you.
If you want extra help, you can use pheromone diffusers, they will help the kitten consider the new environment as a safe and familiar place.


        Build a safe haven for your new kitten

Each animal is different, but surely during the first night, the kitten will feel more strange than normal since cats do not like changes.
He will surely miss his mother and littermates, so he may cry or meow when you leave him alone. Do not be alarmed, it needs some time to adapt to its new environment, recognize the new smells and inspect every corner.
In the meantime, let him be in hiding for the first few days. But put food and water nearby. Don't harass it; it'll come out!

                      CREATE A SAFE ZONE FOR HIM 

     Create a safe zone for him

Ideally, you should prepare a quiet and cozy room in your house and put all your cat's things there. Show him where the bed, sandpit, feeder, and waterer are and do not change site. One trick to make the space attractive to your new kitten is to place things strategically and create some kind of hiding place - kitties love to hide! You can do it with houses for cats, tunnels, or a simple cardboard box, the important thing is that you feel that this place is a refuge.

                          OFFER HIM TIME TO ADJUST

       Offer him time to adjust

It is important that the kitten feels comfortable and confident the first few days. So the house rules can wait a bit, let it adjust to its new environment and adjust, some cats are faster than others.
The important thing is that he does not have any bad experiences, so do not scold him if he does something wrong or the relationship will be built on fear, and that cannot be! For this reason, prevention is better than cure, so remove small objects that you think he may throw in his path or things that he may bite, swallow or scratch while playing the first few days and offer him toys.

                           A STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT

       A stimulating environment

Put toys and a scratching post around the house so it can always have entertainment. Allow your kitty to have access to the more space and rooms, the better. As soon as you see that he is confident, play with him. Play is the perfect way to make friends.


        Introduce it correctly to other pets

If there are other animals in the house, you will also have to wait a bit to make the introductions, until your kitten feels comfortable in the new space. After a few days of adaptation, you can try to make the presentations, always monitoring and controlling both animals and gradually.

                                  CREATE BOND OF FRIENDSHIP 

        Create a bond of friendship

Living with a kitten will bring you many joys, but as we said, the base has to be built from the beginning. They will need to feel that you are trustworthy and to notice your affection. Be patient and give him a lot of love until the cat feels that he is already one of the family!