How to comfort a cat in the car

Cats need a favorable environment to feel comfortable and not suffer from episodes of stress. That is why traveling by car with a cat on board can be a torment, especially for him. However, it is not impossible. By following these steps, you will know how to calm a cat in the car successfully.
If you know how to take care of them, cats can be a good companion animal, as well as a strong bond between them and you. Like any pet, a cat requires a series of specific care and treatment according to its personality and character.
                      WAYS TO COMFORT YOUR CAT ON TRIP

      Ways to comfort your cat on a trip

When a cat has wide eyes, arches its body, has very stiff whiskers, snorts at you, or tries to scratch you if you approach, it is because it is stressed or scared. The reasons can be many. If you want to take it with you on a long trip, it may show one of these symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to know the different methods to reassure a cat in the car, since it is a closed environment to which it is also not used.
If your cat becomes upset during the trip, one of the things you can do is speak softly and lovingly to her. A small massage of a few minutes can be very effective. When they want human affection, they seek contact with their cheeks, head, tail, or back, so it is good to massage those parts of their body gently with your fingertips. Five or ten minutes will be enough.
Since removing it from the cage can be very risky and even dangerous for the driver, it should be in a large carrier. If it is big enough, you can introduce a toy that he likes and that will keep him entertained. Cats can become stressed out from boredom, so a toy could be a good distraction for them.
Music can also be a viable option to reassure a cat in the car. Genres like Lo-Fi or low-volume classical music can be very relaxing for cats. And, especially, there are the melodies composed by the cellist David Teie, duly created for the tranquility of the felines.

                                   FOOD DISPENSER TOYS

      Food dispenser toys

Food is also something that relaxes cats in stressful situations. If it is also combined with a toy that dispenses food, the result can be of absolute tranquility for the feline.
There are toys in which you can put food inside. These have a small valve through which the food comes out in small quantities. While the cat is playing, a piece of food comes out every now and then. And if you want more, you have to keep playing.
Of course, it is convenient not to overdo this option. Remember that this corresponds to a distraction mode to calm your cat in the car and not stress. The amount of food mustn't exceed 10% of the cat's daily caloric intake. Remember that the cat is in a moving car and that it is easy for it to get dizzy and vomit.


      How to prevent a cat from getting dizzy in the car?

The cat is a very sensitive animal, so it will notice that it is inside a moving object. For this reason, it is essential to adapt the interior of the car. The cat carrier should be located at the bottom of the vehicle so that it cannot be seen from the windows.

As for food, it is advisable to feed him at least three hours before the trip to digest well. If the journey you are going to take lasts more than two hours, you must make one or more stops. It is good to accompany the cat at these stops and give it some water. That way, the cat will avoid dizziness.
Preventing him from getting dizzy is equal to or more important than reassuring your cat in the car.