Keys so that your cat does not get hot this summer

Heat waves, high temperatures, sun ... Since this is going to be the new routine for at least a couple of long months, we have to be cautious and prepare so that cats do not suffer its consequences.

Did you think that cats are not affected by heat stroke? Cats may have 7 lives, but they are also victims of hot summer flashes. What's more, they are especially susceptible because they do not regulate body temperature like humans. Therefore, do not make the mistake of thinking that you cannot get sunburned and suffer: pain, burning, stinging, and even more serious diseases.

As a curious fact, cats tend to lick themselves to clean themselves and at the same time refresh themselves, so if you notice that your pet does it more frequently it may be because it is hot, and that is when you should apply the advice that we are going to give you below.

                    WHAT TO PROTECT YOUR CAT FROM HEAT ?

        What to do to protect your cat from the heat?

When the temperatures get extreme, and the summer tightens, follow these steps so that your cat can cope with the heat in the best possible way:
⦁ Provide a shady spot
⦁ Drinker with fresh water
⦁ Wet food
⦁ Fresh air and free movement
⦁ Frequent brushing

                                        PROVIDE SHADY SPOT

       Provide a shady spot

In case cats are going to be left alone in the backyard, make sure they have a good shade where they can take shelter. Inside the house, draw the curtains. Offer your cats a cool place to nap like a cooling blanket or put on a cool bandana when outside.

                              DRINKER WITH FRESH WATER

       Drinker with fresh water

No animal can lack fresh and abundant water during the summer. Leave it several points of water and to make sure it is cool when your cat approaches to drink, get a refreshing drinker or introduce an ice cube!

                                   OFFER HIM WET FOOD

      Offer him wet food

Wet food is effective to hydrate your friend and to stop recovering the lost appetite on hot days, since the texture and smell are more palatable in this type of food, your friend will surely appreciate.

                                 FRESH HAIR AND FREE MOVEMENT

       Fresh air and free movement

As simple as opening windows to let in the breeze can help provide your cat with a cool area to rest. If the air in your house does not flow much, you can put a fan on the floor or near an open window.
One trick for those without air conditioning is to put a frozen water bottle in front of the fan, kittens will appreciate a breath of fresh air.
Allow your cat to move around and go where it feels comfortable and cool. The pet doors are ideal to gain freedom of movement in search of the best place in the house.



Brushing your cat often will also help keep him cool. You can also try taking a damp cloth and stroking your cat with it. Most cats don't mind feeling a bit of moisture on their fur, especially when they notice how it cools them. In fact, as we told you at the beginning of the post, one of the ways that cats have to cool off is by wetting their skin with saliva.